Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Internet Lies!

Have you seen the video of cats that are terrified of cucumbers?  It's pretty funny.

For some reason cats seem to have a natural fear of cucumbers.  Then Cari and I realized that, hey! we have cats.  After a quick stop at the grocery store we were setting up our camera ready to watch our cat leap 10 feet into the air.

After getting the cat to sit down, we quietly set a cucumber on the table next to the cat.  Becoming impatient we stood behind the cat and called to her.  She turned her head, looked at me calling her, looked at the cucumber, looked straight ahead with boredom, and walked away.

The internet lies.

1 comment:

MFH said...

Your cat undoubtedly knew the woman who was flashed while stopped at a red light. She glanced over at the nude man's member and said, "Oh, a penis." yawned and, when the light changed, drove on.