Sunday, May 31, 2015

On Facebook again?

My blog seems to have disappeared from Facebook.  While I do get on and scroll through Facebook from time to time, I don't post to there.  People don't like change and I'm a people.  I have been writing a blog for years - back when people used to blog.  When everyone switched to Facebook I continued to blog and continue to resist the wonder of Facebook.

As a compromise I set up a an app in Facebook to automatically post my blogs to my timeline.  Well, the app I was using has been discontinued and ceased operations.  I was alerted to this over a week ago and set up a new app that (hopefully) will continue to post my blog.  That didn't work but I realized today that I didn't fully set it up.

I think I have it fixed now and my blog posts should start to appear on my timeline again.

Friday, May 29, 2015

My Date in Clemson

I love dating my wife.

After a busy two weeks we were able to find time to get out and get some dinner for just the two of us.  We headed over to a place in Clemson and then spent a little while exploring a piece of the campus.

It was a beautiful evening to be out and being able to spend some quality time with my beautiful wife refreshed me after a crazy week.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Last week there was a single car crash when a car veered off of the road, down an embankment, and into a tree.  The driver was 16 year old Matthew Robinson.  (Link to news story).  The driver was killed in the accident and his younger sister, the only passenger in the car, survived.  

These kind of accidents happen across America and sometimes come across the news you read.

These stories are sad to read when it happens hundreds of miles away from you.  

These stories are hard to take when it happens locally. 

These stories will change your world when it is someone you know. 

I have known Matt for more than six years as a Boy Scout and friend of my son.  I remember Matt preparing for some of his first camping trips wearing boots and packing snack cakes.  He didn't always have an easy time as he learned but he kept getting better and he didn't give up.  Matt had left scouting for a while but came back and was very active.  His friends in the troop rallied around him to help get him back up to speed.  

Matt was also working hard in his high school marching band and participated in his church youth group.  

At his funeral this past Saturday there were more young people than I have ever seen at a funeral.  Looking around, I could see that Matt had touched many lives in his short time here.  Funerals can be tough but they are so much tougher when it is for a child. 

The next time an accident like this comes across the news, no matter how far away, I'm going to be sure to slow down and ask a prayer for the family and friends of the victim.  They will need it. 

Monday, May 25, 2015


I ate lunch while parked in a quiet cemetery a few weeks ago.  While there, I noticed one lady with an armful of American flags walking up and down the rows of graves.  When she found one identified as a veteran she stuck an American flag in the ground beside it.  

I've often seen American flags placed beside tombstones but to watch someone placing them put a lot more meaning behind it. 

Friday, May 22, 2015


Below is a collection of photos from my phone.

The closer kids stand to the television the better the game. . .
 cute helmet. . .
 This was a Saturday morning at 7am.  Taking a kid to school for a school trip was not what I wanted to be doing.
 What is it?  (laughter is what it was)
 In their natural habitat.
 staged for a demo.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camping on the Lake

We spent last weekend relaxing at a lake front campsite with some friends.  They also brought a flotilla of kayaks so we were able to spend some time paddling on the lake.  

We took the youngest out on one trip.  We put her in her own boat but had it tethered to my boat.  She was unhappy.
 She wouldn't admit to being nervous, she said she just wanted to stay at camp.

After a few family trips on the water the guys decided to go exploring.  We initially set out to explore a small island that I noticed on the map but we ended up going all the way to where the Interstate crossing the lake.
 It was a long trip but it was it was well worth it!  One of the best views of the sunset at camp was taken from the water. . .
But then Cari sent me this one and proved that the view from the camp was just as good.
Throwing rocks into the lake was a favorite past time of our youngest daughter.  I think this is what she preferred over sitting in the kayak. 
 A few of the kids tried to scare each other with camp stories on Saturday night. . .
 Of course, camping isn't official until you roast marshmallows.
The weekend went by quick but it was great to enjoy it outdoors with our friends. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Serve Yourself

Our youngest daughter has a job at church.  Each Sunday morning she hands out bulletins as people arrive.  Last Sunday, just before church started, we called her to come sit down.  After church I noticed the top bulletin on the stack had a note. . .
If she wasn't going to be there to hand one out, she wanted to be sure any late comers still received a bulletin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Barn Doors

Well, not actually barn doors, but my small storage building was in desperate need of new doors.

After putting this project off for a few weeks months years it was finally time to get it done.

First I cut the panels to fit and checked that they fit. . .
 Next up I added the supporting boards...
 I mounted them in place with the hinges and painted them the new light gray color. . .
 Next, I painted the entire building. . .
Not pictured. . . I added the latch and took a break.

With that project out of the way for another twelve years it's time to look for another project.  Planning takes time!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yard Decoration

Question.  When you pay a guy to fix your septic lines and then he leaves his tractor in your yard after the work is done, how many days do you wait until it is yours to sell?
We are on day 22.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

NBA Hornets

Back in April I was invited by my boss to attend a Charlotte Hornets NBA game.  I quickly accepted his offer and then realized we would be watching from one of the suites in the arena.  

I soon realized that having a ticket to the suites was equal to being treated like royalty within the arena.  

The Hornets didn't win the game, but they were within ten points nearly the entire game and even lead the game for a bit.  
 My next closest encounter with the NBA is playing it on the Playstation so this was awesome to watch the players in person.
 Charlotte is a great city and even with the arena in downtown. Parking and traffic getting in and out of the city was no issue.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Anger Translator

I've always liked it when the President loosens up a bit for the correspondents dinner.  Here's the one recently done by Obama.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Dancing Like an Eighth Grader

My beautiful teenage daughter recently went to her eighth grade semi-formal dance at school.  For this dance she got together with several of her friends and went as a group and before the dance we all met up at the park to take some photos.

I'm sure there are more dances and more fancy dresses in my future.  And then we'll do it all again when the youngest gets past 12 years old.