Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday notes

Race in California today.
Yesterday, Kyle Bush got the pole for the race, and he talked about it after recieving the award. My goodness, that kid is starting to talk like his brother. If he keeps that up, he'll end up on the hate list.

I heard this group a few weeks ago for the first time on Saturday Night Live.
Probably the best new (new to me, anyway) music I have heard in a long time.
Keane. They have some music you can hear, on the website.


We had a birthday party for Randy yesterday. I'll get some pictures and stories up here from that. You wouldn't believe how much the house shakes from 10 five and six year olds jumping upstairs. They even blew out a light downstairs!

Another visit to the store

To really understand this post, you'll need to remember this post, talking about Cari's visit to the store.

Cari called me at work the other day and told me she would be coming up to get some things. I went and looked, and told her how much they cost. After we got off the phone, I realized how messy that section looked. I had a few guys clean it out real good.
I found Cari in that section later, and pointed out how good it looked. She no longer needed that product, and was looking at the section next to it. It was not as clean, and she pointed that out to me. I mentioned how hard I had the guys working on what she said she needed.

Her biggest issue in her past visit, was service. Well, this time she headed over to the paint department, and was talking to the smartest, nicest, guy over there. When she left, she said he was the best employee in the store, that he was so helpfull. I told her that is how all the employees are and that is how all our customers get served. She didn't buy it. I guess next time, I'll have to assign her a personal shopper to follow her around the store. Maybe, just maybe, that will win her over.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

time for a change

People do not like change. Once you are comfortable in your ways, in your routines, you do not want to do something different.

So what's this about? Church.
We attend a church that has two services with Sunday school between. There are roughly 25-30 people that attend each service. We just learned that the church is combining the two services.
No problem, right? Same pastor, same singing, etc...
The early service (which we attended) was a bit more casual. We didn't have a choir. The Pastor didn't wear his robes, and he lead us in the singing. Everyone would meet for coffee after service, before Sunday school.
Second service had a choir, Pastor wore his robes. Just a bit more formal. We have our spot in the pews that we sit in every week. That may be harder to obtain now, with twice as many people.

So now people grumble quietly that the people in the later service are "not the same". You would think we are merging two different churches. After a few weeks, everyone will be calmed down. Just in time for the next change.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The noises in my head

I was thinking about this today.
When you turn on the radio, the music is there. Station after station of it. All these sounds are floating in the air, just waiting for you to turn on the radio.

When you pick up your cell phone. These signals are in the air, wherever you are.

When you watch satelite television (with TiVo), it's there. Hundreds of channells. The signal is in the air, floating about. My neighbor doesn't have the reciever, but signals are in the air.

These signals are not physical. The walls of our houses don't protect us from them. You can not reach out and grab a handful of rock 103 and shove it in the trash.

The science of it is very cool. It's amazing to me, all these things, how they work. If you don't have a radio or walkman, you don't realize the noise that is around you. You can be out for a quiet walk in the park, but the sounds and noises are still bouncing around your body.

The hardest part for me to grasp of this, is the fact that it is not a physical thing. I can't see it, I can't touch it. You can teach me about it all day, but until I can see it, I don't fully get it. If I was able to see it, I would probably be so scared, I would never leave my bed.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

crazy talk

This is a hella crazy conversation I overheard today.

Duck turns cell phone on, pushes voice activiation.

Phone: command please.
Duck : name dial
Phone: name please.
Duck : Cari
Phone: Did you say, Cari?
Duck : Yes
Phone: Dialing.
Duck : Thank you.

Did you catch that? He thanks his phone. HA! Like there is a woman living in that phone, and he might hurt her feelings if he doesn't friggin thank her.

There is another scenario that I have heard recently also. It went like this:
(picking up conversation after the phone says, "name please".)

Duck : Home
Phone: Please repeat the name.
Duck : Home
Phone: Sorry, no match found.
Duck : I said, HOME, you stupid phone!
Then as he slams the phone shut, "friggin bitch, I said Home!"

Oh, it is funny to watch this hella crazy person talking to himself. Heads turn to stare as he walks through the parking lot.

Darrell Waltrip says:

Coopetition : competitors working together for a common goal.

In other news, the finish to the 500 was awsome today. Jeff Gordon is the man!
I was just as thrilled to see Tony Stewart fall back toward the final laps.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kevin Harvick is an idiot!

Dad, the fool.

Meredith has been asking Cari everyday for about two weeks to wear this pink shirt. Cari tells her everyday that it is a summer shirt, and Meredith would have to wait to wear it. Meredith finaly stopped asking about two days ago.

The wait has ended. I was not aware of these past requests. Today, when Cari was getting a hair cut, Meredith and I went up to get dressed. She asked to wear that shirt, and I gave it to her.

Cari asked Meredith about it, and she said, "I said please."

Monday, February 14, 2005

Out for a walk

This is a great picture that Randy made for us. I will tell you that this five year old, can draw very acurate drawings.
Let me tell, you that the picture is of him and his mom going for a walk. The yellow and brown thing chewing on the mom's leg, is the dog. It's very acurate indeed, he really does have a mom and a yellow/brown dog.
Over to the left, you will see a dog house pictured in black, then our house. Again, more acurate than, I myself, could draw it. It's true we have a building in our backyard, and it's also true we have a house.
Our house does have a chimney. I was unaware that our chimney was throwing out black balls of smoke. Balls of smoke so heavy, they tend to fall back to the earth. I will be cleaning the chimney before next winter to check this.
It's also true that our house is more than one story. After evaluating the house, as my son drew it, I'm thinking we may need an elevator.
I really liked this picture, so I thought I would share it with you all. Maybe he'll draw some more for us. Any special requests?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

A privileged life

Sometimes people feel they should receive special treatment. Is this warrenented? My dad always told me it's who you know. Not only was he right, but Cari demands we follow this rule.

Cari paid a visit to the store that I'm an assistant manager at, yesterday. I was in the back doing interviews when she came in. After I finished the interview, I checked my cell phone because I felt it vibrating during the interview. I had a text message from Cari, "Please call. in aisle 10". She had already left by this time, so I called her at home.
"Hey. I'm coming home for lunch."
"I hate going to your store!", she told me. I could immediately tell she did not have a good visit.
She continued, "I waited in aisle 10 for no less than 30 minutes for someone to help me!".
"The girls working over there called in today.", as I tried to find a satisfactory reason.
"So you are telling me nobody else in the store can help me?!!"
"Well, the . . ." I tried to answer, but she wouldn't allow it.
"What about the three people that walked past me and would not even come into the aisle? What about the two guys standing at the desk talking?"
"Oh, those guys at the desk were busy.", I was sure about this, and besides, these guys know nothing about aisle 10. I don't need to tell you that this was not a satisfactory answer.
"I am the managers wife!"
Maybe she wasn't wearing her name tag. I continued trying to defend my store, "No other customers complained to me today, so it must just be a freak thing." This made things worse.
"Everytime I go into that store, I can not find anyone to help me!"
I thought about asking her if she tried talking to the manager while she was there. Then, I thought I better not.

Cari went to church that night and told some people that she had a less than perfect experience at my store. They all agreed, that, as the managers wife, she should receive only the best treatment. One of the other people at church said he was in the store that same day and had a great experience. His wife isn't even a manager.

That night I held a store meeting at closing time. I held up an 8x10 of Cari.
"This is my wife. She will receive nothing short of the best customer service, just as we provide to all our customers. Please. I'm begging you."

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hella Cake!

you really should read Duck's post directly below, before you read this.

Do you see that friggin' cake Duck put together for his wife!? Was he blindfolded? He can't even stick two candles in a stinking cake. He said the looks don't matter, it tastes good. Tastes good? Covered in wax! Come on, just admit you are a cake failure. That is one hella ugly cake! If it tasted so good, why is it still sitting on the counter one week later?

TalkinHand. . .OUT!

More birthday fun!

Cari had her birthday the other day. We had to celebrate a day early, because I worked on her birthday. She is a little freaked out because next year, we have to buy the #3 for the cake.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Best. Superbowl. Ever!

Last night was the best SuperBowl I have ever not watched. I didn't get home from work until after 9pm, so I had set the Tivo to record it.

Cari and I sat down to watch the Superbowl at around 9:45pm. We finished watching the four hour recording around 10:20pm. Yet another reason TiVo is so great. I know it's starting to seem like TiVo sponsors this blog, but that is not the case. . . . That gives me an idea.. we need a TiVo sponsored Nascar Cup car! We could put Ward Burton in the driver seat. Every time you see the TiVo car involved in a wreck, you could quickly hit the replay button. Oh! The possibilities are endless! As soon as I'm done writing this, I'm going to start selling my idea to Nascar, to TiVo. . .

Sorry. So, how did we watch four hours of TV in forty minutes? We watched only the best parts. Anytime the game was on, I fast fowarded. We would stop and watch the commercials, then fast forward through the game. Let me tell you, it sure felt like there was a lot more commercials than game.

There were a couple of good commercials. Nascar had a few, showing Daytona like a roller coaster that was pretty cool. There was one commercial that showed some pirates on a ship. One pirate was standing on the bow, facing an army of thugs. The end of the commercial showed the text: "1 vs 42" Jeff Gordon was the lone pirate. I thought that was a pretty good commercial. If anyone knows where I can get a screen shot of that, please e-mail me.
We also liked the commercials from that featured chimps working. Monkeys are funny.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Somebody clean my butt!

Sometimes there is a preferred parent. When it comes to who will unbuckle her, she often says, "I want mom to take my seat belt off." When I offer to put her shoes on her I will hear, "only girls can put my girl shoes on me!"

Once in a while, I will get the call, that I'm allowed to help her do something. Then there are other times, times when you hear, "SOMEBODY CLEAN MY BUTT!" She screams this from the bathroom, thankfully, until someone comes in. At this point, it's an emergency. There are no preferred parents, just get in here and take care of it!

The other day, we were walking in the Target parking lot, and I was holding her. She put her hands to her mouth to announce something. "Everyone! Dads can not hold girls. Only girls can hold girls!" There was no discussion or warning, just a sudden public announcement. She is going to change the world, just as soon as somebody cleans her butt!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Little men living in my TiVo

OH! The wonder that is TIVO! Most of the features of this magic box are well known. I have known about it for quite some time. It's one thing to know about it, it is a completely different thing to experience it.

Tivo will watch TV for me all day long. Then it will save the programs it feels I will enjoy the most. When I get home from work, there are about five programs recorded, that I did not ask TiVo for. When I'm at work, TiVo must get bored. It watches TV all day. We're still learning to be better friends. There is two great buttons on the remote. A thumbs UP and a thumbs DOWN. When TiVo recorded two episodes of Texas Walker on the same day, I told Tivo that I do not like Texas Walker. I do not like it here or there, I do not like it anywhere! Today I have an episode of Andy Griffith, Regis and Kelly, Guys and Dolls. Guys and Dolls? More learning.

I feel a strange sence of duty to watch the things TiVo has gone out of the way to search out for me. Maybe it's curiosity. I wouldn't normaly sit down to watch Andy Griffith, but maybe TiVo knows something I don't.

Sure, I can just scroll through and delete everything it records. I do delete a few things everyday that I know I will not watch. I haven't deleted Andy yet.

TiVo changes the way I watch TV. It's true. I know this is becoming a commercial, and I'm sorry for that. This is the end of the entry, but you really must experience TiVo to understand it. I will now, start watching a program only if it's about five minutes into it. Maybe ten minutes. Then, when commercial comes up, I zip past all that, and I'm right back at the show. By the end of the program, I'm caught back up to real time.

I could go on all night. But I must get some sleep. Thanks for sticking around this long.