Saturday, November 21, 2015

Be Still and know that I am God

With mild fall weather the past week I spent several of my lunch hours looking for a quiet place to walk.

My first adventure took me to a nearby cemetery where I walked the paths.  It was quiet around the cemetery and most of the time I was the only one out there.   At one point I approached an area where I could hear the quiet music of some wind chimes.
This was a very peaceful walk and cemeteries are always an opportunity for an interesting story.

Among the graves was this one unique grave stone with the olympic rings etched into the corner.
After a brief search online I found a wikipedia page for this famous fencing athlete.  Norman Armitage competed in the olympics during six olympic games.

Another lunch hour adventure last week took me to the campus of Furman University.

Walking around the lake and listening to the bell tower chime made for a relaxing lunch hour.

I found a sign that pointed back into the woods toward a prayer garden.  On my way out from the prayer garden I noticed a small platform built in the woods, off the trail.  There were two chairs on the deck and a fairly large sign.
I REALLY wanted to know what was written on that sign.  I began walking into the woods and found myself at the edge of a muddy area.  Without getting very muddy or digging my way through thick brush I was not going to discover the words on this sign.

I stood at the edge of the mud for a few minutes.  I had to get back to work and I was not dressed for this adventure.  I had to turn back without getting to the sign.  BUT I will go back sometime in the future.

Taking some time to discover these quiet spaces makes for some of the most peaceful lunch hours.

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