Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Carolina Panthers are Awesome

The final highlight of our recent trip was a trip into Charlotte to see a NFL game between the Panthers and the Packers.  This was our first time to the stadium and we were not disappointed.

Before you even get into the place the atmosphere tells you this will be fun.  In every parking lot - tailgating.  Fans for both teams wearing colors, jerseys, and cheese on their head (not panther fans).  Fans on both sides sharing some friendly taunting about who will win (and who has cheese on their head).    A drum line outside of the stadium. . .

We found our seats before going exploring and people watching.  We were near the endzone - which I initially wasn't sure would provide a good view of the game, but turned out it was an amazing view of the game.

The stadium has a capacity of over 70,000 and they said it was a sold out event.  That's a lot of football fans in one place.

A few things I want to mention about attending a game.

1.  It's loud.  I've been to several NASCAR races and, I'm telling you, the noise in that stadium when        Cam Newton threw a touchdown pass is louder than 43 cars in a pack at Daytona.
2.  I didn't realize how much the players communicate and give direction before a play.
3.  It was fun watching the players interact and play to the crowd after a big play.
4.  Oh man!  It's loud.  The sound is part of what made it so fun.
5.  It's pretty rare to use your seat.  You stand up and cheer the entire game.
6.  Charlotte knows how to move traffic for events.  I have been to NASCAR, NBA, and now NFL          events in Charlotte and have never once had a problem parking or leaving an event.

Here is a collection of photos and short videos I took during the game:

Carolina won the game last Sunday and remain undefeated this season.  We had an amazing time at the game.  This wasn't part of our original trip but at the last minute we were gifted these tickets from a great friend.  This made for an awesome finish to our trip.

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Laura A said...

Looks like fun! My only football experience was a subzero game at the Buffalo Bills stadium when I was in high school. It ended with my brother getting puked on by a drunk fan in the deck above us. Maybe some day I'll be brave enough to try another game haha.