Monday, November 30, 2015

Chair of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend I decided to finally get rid of the old office chair sitting around.  The youngest and I went out to the driveway with some tools and started dissembling it.

It didn't take long to make this chore into something more fun.  What kind of seats could we make more comfortable with this old chair back?

As we were playing around we realized the chair is on wheels and our driveway is a hill.  It was time to create the. . .

Chair of DOOM!

"Dad, is this safe?", she asked.  I gave her the handles to hold onto.

Next up. . . more victims riders.
If I'm being honest, we were a little nervous about riding down and into the road at this point.  So we were doing short rides and crashing into the grass. But that didn't last long. . .

It's so safe we even convinced a nurse to try it.  Notice she opted for the extra safety of the handles.
Who knew an old chair destined for the trash would be so much fun?  I'm thinking this weekend we all go out with our office chairs and RACE down the hill at the top of the street.  

Trying not to smile in this one....

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