Monday, November 09, 2015

The Getaway

Cari planned an amazing getaway for us this past weekend.  By planning she planned a specific long weekend for us to get out of town just the two of us.  The specifics were a little light but we are learning that sometimes those trips turn out the best.

We headed up to Asheville on the only day of our trip when rain wasn't expected so we took the opportunity to walk around town with the hippies and check out some yarn stores.
We can also tell you that the best stores were found along Walnut St. Always look for Walnut St on your adventures!

We woke up Saturday to some light rain that came and went with the hour.  We decided to head up to the Blue Ridge Pkwy and see what views were available.

There was some sort of mountain marathon happening this day and traffic was picking up at one of the trail heads.  We went further down the pkwy and did a short hike on a beautiful morning.
 Watch where you step or you may find yourself scraping your shoes on the curb. . .

On the way back toward town we chased the elusive visitor center but never went far enough to find it so we hit the Asheville Outlets.   We found the Outlets pretty un-inspiring and looked for another opportunity to be outdoors.  A ten minute drive down the road lead us to the NC Arboretum.

We had visited once before but on this trip we took more time walking the nature trail in the light rain.

My fitbit went over 10,000 steps on Saturday.

Sunday morning we were headed to Charlotte to watch the undefeated Panthers take on the Greenbay Packers.  This was another part of our trip that was initially unplanned.  Just a few days before we were leaving I was telling a friend that we were going to be going away for the weekend.  He told me he had two tickets to the Panther game that he couldn't use.  He gifted those tickets to us and helped plan the last part of our trip.

That portion of our getaway deserves a blog of its own. . .

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